Lenten Saltfish


½ lb. Saltfish, prepared cut into strips
½ lb. dried lentils, soaked for 3 hrs. in water
¼ lb. squash, cubed
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 onion, diced
1 green pepper, diced
1 tomato, diced
1 small potato, diced
1 leek, sliced fine
1 Tbsp. smoked paprika
½ cup white wine
4 Tbsp. olive oil
Salt to taste


Place the onion, garlic, pepper, tomato, leek, squash, potato, paprika, olive oil, wine and lentils into a pressure cooker, mix well and cover with water. Cook for 20 mins. on low heat.

Carefully open the cooker (when safe) and add the saltfish.

Cook on med heat for another 4 mins. without the pressure lid.

Makes 2 servings.