When available in retail grocery stores early 2021, this new line of frozen seafood offerings will help meet the needs of today’s consumers who are searching for healthy, easy-to-prepare meal alternatives that deliver on value and flavor. Initial products will include a variety of microwaveable gourmet shrimp bowls and gourmet shrimp burgers.

The Good Neighbor brand of frozen seafood products is a natural extension of CFE International’s long history in the value-added seafood market. Robert Metafora, CEO and President, explains:

“Our close decades-long working relationship with national retailers has helped us understand exactly what consumers are looking for in terms of convenience and on-trend flavors. With this experience, we believe there are some excellent new opportunities to offer frozen value-added seafood products that are easy to prepare, meet consumers’ flavor preferences, and make it easy for them to incorporate nutrient-rich seafood as a staple part of their diet. We have also learned a great deal about the kinds of support national retailers are looking for and will be providing customized marketing, sales and merchandising programs that fit their specific needs.”

When introduced at retail, Good Neighbor Seafood will offer four popular bowl flavors, each developed by CFE’s chef-lead culinary team to respond to diverse taste preferences. These will include Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Mushroom Risotto, Mediterranean and Spicy Szechuan. The Good Neighbor gourmet shrimp bowls have been developed to go directly from the freezer into the microwave. They will feature premium sustainably sourced shrimp, combined with whole natural ingredients, to provide a complete ready-to-eat meal in a bowl in under five minutes.

The Good Neighbor line will also include four flavors of frozen gourmet shrimp burgers: The Original Naked, Bacon Cheddar, Southwest and Sweet & Smoky. Each can be either grilled or pan-seared on the stove in less than 10 minutes.

Kevin Donahue, Executive Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, explains:

“Our goal was to develop a new seafood brand that really embraces everyday consumer convenience and to make absolutely sure all of our products deliver big bold flavors that set us apart from the competition. As part of this, we will include a whole range of topping ideas that accentuate the natural sweet flavor of our shrimp and help customers dress up their burgers to reflect their individual taste preferences.”

Donahue adds that Good Neighbor shrimp bowls and burgers are ideal for customers who like the idea of adding a new protein to their diet, but don’t have the time or knowledge to properly prepare seafood. As he notes:

“No preparation is needed; we’ve done all the work. So customers can easily include seafood in their meal planning—even daily if they wish—and enjoy a nutritious and delicious seafood meal anytime.”