CFE International is looking for amazing home cooks, not professional chefs, to compete in our Saltfish Recipe Video Contest. The stakes are high to see who will become the Grand Prize Winner of the Saltfish Recipe Video Contest.

Put your creativity to the test using one of our saltfish brands: Cristobal, Buena Ventura, BacalaRico or Isla Brisa.

Create an original recipe for an entree or appetizer (no side dishes). Here’s the twist…there is a 15 ingredient limit! Contestants are encouraged to participate in both categories. Make sure to include a shot of the brand packaging in your video. Your recipe must be easy to recreate, taste delicious, and of course, be original. One Grand Prize Winner will be selected and awarded $1,500.00usd. The contest starts on February 14, 2018 and ends March 29, 2018. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Contestants will submit their recipe and upload their maximum 60 second recipe video. Videos will be judged by CFE International based on the following criteria:

• Visual Appeal: 50%

• Creativity: 50%

All videos will be posted across CFE International’s social media platforms. CFE International will select the Grand Prize Winner of the CFE Saltfish Recipe Video Contest.